VehiSafe Vehicle Tracking, Alerting & Monitoring System

The Vehi Safe Tracker is the best way to ensure that your vehicle has an added layer of protection. We provide you a single point solution that will allow you to instantly track, set area alerts and view movements over the past few days. It is the security solution your vehicle deserves

  • Stay mobile with this portable GPS tracker
  • Location data can be viewed on smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Get alerted with an over speed alarm
  • Geo-fencing sends alerts for movement outside defined areas
  • History of travelled route for past 30 days
  • SMS alerts – ignition on, halt, over-speed, geo-boundary
  • Option to download/upload data for taking backup for more than 30 days

Special Features

  • Highly Compact QUAD – BAND GSM/GPRS MODULE
  • Anti – Jamming - Multi-tone active interference canceller
  • Extended Temperature -40 to +85
  • Complete Standalone 2200mAH Lithium Battery
  • On the Air self programming (OTA)
  • ISOLATED Inputs
  • Over Voltage protection
  • ISOLATED Inputs
  • Low battery, Main Battery Connect/Disconnect Alert
  • Embedded patch Antenna - Automatic Antenna Switching Function
  • Super sensitivity Tracking (-167dBm @ Tracking, -149dBm @ Acquisition)
  • Low power Consumption ( 26mA @ Tracking, 30mA @ Acquisition)
  • High Compact Size
  • Thermal Shutdown protection
  • Reverse polarity Protection
  • Operating Voltage +8 to +32VDC
  • Low battery Protection


GPS vehicle tracker is designed to track fleets immediately. It communicates and is compatible with diverse vehicle types: Bike, Travel Vehicles, School Bus, Mini Truck, delivery vans, and highway trucks.

Live tracking

See your vehicle/fleet moving on the map, realtime.


Create a virtual boundary for movement of your vehicle/fleet.

Playback Tracking

See the movement of your vehicle/fleet for a selected time period


Get alerts on your phone/email for pre-set conditions.


Immobilize your vehicle in case of any suspicion, just by sending an SMS.

Intelligent App

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